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Fathers day cards for two dads – same-sex dads

Father’s day is important to your Dad and of course, you want to make sure you get your dads the best ‘Fathers day cards for two dads’ there is to tell them how much he means to you.

Got two dads? We’ve got you covered with our Fathers day cards for two Dads. It can sometimes be hard to find a fathers day card for your two Dads, as the majority of card shops, both online/offline don’t cater to the LGBT community. Don’t worry; has got you covered! Read on to learn more about our awesome, unique range of same-sex/gay/LGBT dads fathers day cards!

Unique Cards For Same-Sex Parents

There aren’t many card shops out there who actually cater to same-sex parents. Sure, you could get your dad’s a different card each for Father’s day, but it’s a shame that you don’t always have the option to present them with a joint card.

Now, you can show them you appreciate them both with a quirky card and personalised message from Make sure your dads know that you think that two dads are better than one and that you love them with one of the unique cards on offer!

Personalising Your Card

Not only can you find a few ready-made ideas for your dads, but you can also potentially personalise a card yourself to present them with the perfect message on Father’s Day.

If you can think of an even better message, quote, phrase, or something else that would look great on a card, make sure you use the personalise option on the site to bring it to life. If you’d like to print a special message on the inside of the card, you can do that too.

We know that the men in your life deserve more than a supermarket greeting card with no substance or soul. Anybody can go and pick up a card off the shelf in a supermarket or card store and give it for father’s day.

However, these cards are not unique or special, and chances are, the message won’t truly mean anything. That’s why we’ve made sure each card on the site is unique, and that you have the option to personalise it in any way you wish. just love creating something special with a sentimental message for people, so make sure you contact us if you have an idea you’d like to see come to life.

Ordering Your Father’s Day Card

Your card will arrive around 3-5 days from the date of the order, so make sure you leave plenty of time to order your card. 

Free shipping is available throughout the UK, so you get a cost-effective, unique card that you can’t get anywhere else. Start looking for the perfect card from our selection at now, or start thinking up your own unique message.

Ready to make your order? Don’t wait – show your dads how much they mean to you with one of our same-sex father’s day cards from!